Wednesday, March 06, 2002

The strangest feeling is tha I have gotten so much used to searching on the Internet that now when I dont have anywork, after I checked my mails and read blogs, theres always something that i needed to search for like some official stuff or some new topic in the world, or just go read news papers everywhere in the world, or replay conversations I have had with smart people on some serious topic and satiate my unending need for information.
These days I have started this new item of looking for long lost friends, people that I searched for:
1. Lata Menon: Hit off instantly even though she was a few years elder to me, wrote letters and called and spoke to her when she was at rourkela and out of the blue she dissappeared, no touch since 5 years.
2. Abha Bordoloi: Very sweet and tempermental gal, I got in touch with during my years (decades) at Alliance Francaise, followed the routine talked for those long hours on phone which was beleived to be the cement which binds friendship, this was more of a Instant drying cement. But again she too dissappeared, this time she was contactable but for various reasons I dint contact her and now she is gone.
3. Meenu Ahuja: If Indira Gandhi was to Nehru, not the paternal relationship but the epistolary relationship, then Meenu Ahuja is to me. I can easily make a book of 200 pages with the letters that we wrote to each other in a year. Things happened and lost touch, but I would love to make another 200 pages book.

Will update you guys on the khoj and if you know anybody who fits the description, hold on to them till I come and say hi to them.


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