Friday, March 01, 2002

A normal day,
I am at home, I go to work, I come home, see my family and relax and sleep.
100s of porblems I need to solve that I created during the day and yesterday.

Some idiots burns a train in some thousand kilometers away.

I wake up to noises in the street, people killing each other, burning each others houses, looting...
I dont even have the time to ask why? when somebody bangs at my door.

Yesterday, I was tense about pleasing my boss with my work, tense about my kids grades in school, tense about my close friend having an fling. But suddenly, all these problems seemed so petty compared to whats knocking at my door.

I remain immobilised, clutching my wife and children....

Suddenly I am chanting the gods name, praying to god, hating god for whats happening all at the same time.
And realised that if he had the power to prevent it further, he would have never let it happen.


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