Saturday, November 20, 2004

There was this beautiful and intelligent bird,
Everybody loved her.
There was this boy, who loved the bird.
He loved to see the bird chirping, flying around, doing exactly as it wants,
The boy wanted to spend more time with the bird and wanted the bird to spend more time with him,
The boy thought the bird needed the love that he could give her,
But, the boy knew that the bird wanted to fly around and do exactly as it wanted without being in any cage with any name.
The bird liked the boy as well, but loved the freedom a lot more,
The boy smiles to the bird and says "Live your life, whenever we meet, lets fly together for that little bit of time"
The bird says "Live your life, the way you want to." "Fly as much as you can, run as much as you can". "Dont expect others to fly with you, dont care when others ask you not to fly." "Life is too short, the journeys too many".
The boy understands that he needs to help himself run or fly. Not to be with the bird, but for himself.
Now, whenever their paths cross, they smile and fly together. The bird in the sky, the boy on the earth.
Split and then fly some more.
The boy thanks the bird and says "I will tell you about my journeys."
Will you tell me yours?


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