Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Past life?
I am sure it would be fun to get to know that I was a different person, a different set of relationships, may be I died when I was 1, 10, 100, may I was a serious kinda guy, or this option actually dint occur to me, i could actually have been a girl, I could have been a different species, I could have been a tree, shrub or a cactus. Its good fun to think about a completely different set of thoughts, a different set of values, a different smile, a different sense of humor, a different eye sight and defect, a different way people look at you, a different handwriting, a different image in the mirror, a different skin and hair texture, a different email id, a differnt hieght from which I look at people, a different bike/ car/ flight/ pair of legs, different amount of sugar I like in my capuccino, a different amount of money I take home, a different different taste with food and clothing and women/ men.
And for sure a different blog.


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